Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Mickey Mouse

When I was nominated for a Quickie Mickey challenge on Instagram, I realized that I have never done any sketch of Mickey mouse before. It's surprising that I never ever attempted to sketch this Disney character. Donald Duck was my all time favorite since my younger days. 

So for the challenge, I wanted to come up with a small story for the image and what else I could think of when the IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket season is going on. Currently, it's IPL season here in India and Mickey mouse thinks he can multitask, that is, cooking dinner while watching cricket. But he fails to understand that chopping onion is not the best thing to do while watching TV. :D

Ok, I know, this certainly doesn't look any "quick sketch" from any of the angles, lol. I just wanted to make it as a finished piece rather than leave it as a sketchbook art. 

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